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Paul and Susan are both ordained ministers, imparting hope, healing and restoration, as they represent Christ, our powerful source of life, wherever He opens the door. Their testimonies inspire us to pursue excellence as we seek to walk daily in balance and victory.  

Upcoming Events

 For information on our local DFW ongoing Ladies Bible Studies, or to inquire about having Paul or Susan as a speaker for your event, please call or email for more information.   (817-909-7673  /  arisetoex@gmail.com

Restoring FemininiTea

 Often in the declining culture of today, women lose sight of the grace, the beauty, and the purpose God intended for them. Restoring FemininiTea is a unique message clearly defining our destiny and His design to fill us up and then pour out through us for His glory.   If you are interested in hosting a Restoring FemininiTea, donating financially, donating teacup and saucer gift sets for our teas, or knowing more about these special ministry events, please let us know. “Susan’s testimony, and her presentation of these tea pots has totally changed my perspective on this vessel (me), my life, and my purpose, and has given me fresh hope for my future. This was too fun! You have got to come to one, or invite her to speak at your next event!”   Sharon    


"Awesome, to know that Jesus is always interceding for us. Thank you Susan for sharing. Undisturbed composure -  it is powerful word." Kathey F.

"Thank you for coming!  It does not matter what theme or what you speak on, I am always blessed because of the way you open the Word for me."  Ann P.

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Susan's latest book, Of God and Genders, the Bride of Christ, is available on this site  (Store), as well as, through Amazon.com  or Westbow Press. 

About Us

Susan Brown


To her children, her three grandchildren, women from Israel, Belize, China, Mexico, and around the world, Susan Brown represents Christ, as our powerful source of life, inspiring us to walk daily in balance and victory. Her passion to see women arise above their circumstances, and her conviction that Jesus is their answer, radiates as she teaches or preaches, converses one on one, or works with the abused and hurting.  

 In her compassion for women she reveals that it is God’s strength and power that enables us to arise.   

Speaker Author Teacher


It has been said that her parabolical teaching style brings a fresh revelation  that the Word of God is working today, in our every day lives.

Susan makes hope tangible! 

Susan is available to speak for your church congregation, or your women’s event or tea.

Please use the email contact information as a resource for your women’s ministry, consulting needs, or mentoring interests. 

Proclaiming Hope, Healing, and Restoration


Susan and Paul, have taken in of the very riches of God. And like most of you, have also had to walk in some pretty low valleys. Always God has been sufficient! It is through these experiences that they are able to challenge us to pursue excellence, by His grace, and in all areas of life to shine forth His glory. 

At home or abroad, to a small group,or a large crowd,  Paul and Susan proclaim the Word of God through preaching, teaching, and personal ministry, with power and integrity.