About Our Father's Business

Paul and Susan Brown are both ordained ministers. Paul, a pastor for 28 years, is a dynamic preacher, focusing on building the Kingdom of God within, one day at a time. Paul i is available for speaking for men's  conferences.  

  Susan, a teacher and author, speaks from a sincere conmpassion for the people of God.  Her down to earth, parabolic style of teaching reaches beyond culture and class, tearing down intimidation and condemnation. Susan is available to speak for your women's event or to your church congregation. 

 Their mission is to educate, encourage and empower and their lives shout that Jesus is the answer, always, and epecially today!  Paul and Susan are building a foundation of excellence through leadership retreats and conferences, encouraging men and women to pursue excellence in their calling through a renewed focus on the Word.

Restoring FemininiTea

Restoring FemininiTea is a beautiful display of teapots and ‘vessel lessons’ to bring hope, healing and restoration to our feminine soul. If you are planning a DFW  women’s event, or  ladies tea, invite Susan to speak and bring her teapots. You will see yourself in the grace,beauty, and purpose you were created for, and you will certainly never look at a teapot the same!  

   “Susan’s TeaVotional message entitled “Designed for Destiny, a Women's TeaVotional”, features an elaborate display of over 60 unique teapots – ranging from the elegant to the eccentric, each one with its own individual story. Through her teapots, Susan teaches an anointed vessel message of how God fills us, His vessels, so that we in turn can be the vessel that pours into another life”.  Esther  

 As an author, Susan’s passion has always been to share the Word of God in a way, that her readers are  challenged to see that the Word is alive and works in every-day life. Her current books include:

Designed by Destiny, a Women’s TeaVotional,  a full color coffee table edition

and Of God and Genders, a Detailed Portrait of the Bride of Christ, the Church.    

The little booklet, Excellence in High Heels, is temporarily out of print.

 Susan is available to speak for your church congregation, or your women’s event. She is a valuable resource for  women’s ministry consulting or mentoring.